People don't have time to read long messages anymore! Visual sensations create feelings and impulses! A short video clip, when well done, will convey powerful emotions Turn any viewer into a potential client! Your video clip is your first step Once someone is interested, he will then take some time to read your written information! if 1 photo   =   1000 words then a 1-min video =  40 photos  = 40,000 words Meridian Charters Vanuatu Sunset Cruises. Leave nightly 5-7pm from Iririki Jetty, town side. All included tour of the harbour and Mele Bay, all food and drinks. We supply French red and white wines, beer, and orange juice. Also freshly made Gourmet finger foods. Enjoy the beautiful tropical sunset, good company, music, great catering, and see the moon come up over the water as you cruise in paradise. A great Cocktail-party like atmosphere. A romantic evening on tranquil waters - A favourite with honeymooners. Comments by guests:"The Meridian Sunset Cruise was the 'highlight' of our stay in Port Vila" "Amazing Value - we had heaps to eat and drink" "Beautiful food - plenty to drink - we didn't need any dinner after the cruise""Very romantic - fantastic sunset!""Great hospitality - staff were fantastic! thank you" MERIDIEN CHARTERS SUNSET CRUISE What a delightful way to end the day or begin an evening. The two-hour cruise on Port Vila Harbour lets guests enjoy the view of Port Vila from the water and the sunset, Video Production Options Great Value >>> 2 options to choose from  OUR  "YOU-PIC-IT" OPTION:   With this unique option, we work as a team. You compile the raw materials, and we, in our professional video production studio, make it all happen and deliver a fine finished digital video product! Advantages of this Option: · Dramatically reduces costs…No need to hire, lodge, transport, or devote time to a film crew. · YOU pick the time and the perfect conditions and weather for photos or film. · YOU capture your important events, unique moments - no film crew scheduling. · You can film as many days and, as many times as needed. · You do the filming and photos around YOUR schedule, not vice versa You might be, or know someone who is, a very good amateur photographer or talented home-video cameraman. You may have on hand top-quality digital images previously done by a professional photographer, or corporate promotional video footage from brand-name products that you carry.  You can get more mileage from these materials by having us re-edit, animate, and customize them for you. Or you may have a power point presentation or corporate film that's a little slow and boring, too long, or out of date.  We can quickly give it new vitality and life. We create your video clip: - Using your raw materials, we create your video concept and develop your "story line", your "message". - We do the studio work: editing, mounting the parts together, transitions, effects, titling, sound.  - We create a professionally finished product for you…no matter where you are in the world. COSTS (You-Pic-It option): A flat rate will be quoted - starting from only US$200 (payment in kind might be accepted)   FULL PRODUCTION OPTION: The traditional choice: We do it all - filming to finished video clip.  For those who prefer professional filming services, or who have the means but not the time… Good choice for start-up businesses too. COSTS: Full Production:  A flat rate will be quoted depending on the job requested - starting from US$400 (partial payment in kind might be accepted).   In Addition: - You provide transportation to any locations to be filmed - You provide lodging and meals for our video team We travel extensively worldwide so this option is also a great choice if we happen to be in your area (reduced additional costs).  GENERAL COMMENTS ABOUT OUR FEES: ·Cost is relative to time needed to produce your video clip. ·A clear vision of what you want and necessary materials sent quickly reult in faster production! ·We found that interesting projects for nice people tends invariably to be quoted lower than expected! Video concept Will you help me create the video concept? Yes, we can create & design the clip for you. You give us your goal and we will produce a clip that best reaches that goal. This is where our past experience and training puts your video clip ahead! Before we start working on your video clip, we will correspond with you until we are all on the same wavelength. You know your product best, we know how to video-advertise it! Can I give you my ideas of what to show or a script to follow for the clip? Yes, we encourage you to participate in the concept of your video.  You know your goals, your products and your clientèle very well.  We are the advertising video experts in your team to make an idea become an actual tool. I can see the clip I want in my mind; can I tell you exactly what I want, step by step? Yes, we will do our utmost, working within technological capabilities, budget, and time restraints.  Remember, cameras are not yet capable of reproducing exactly what the eye sees, and that the Hollywood effects we take for granted, may take months of work for a few seconds of footage. Video Clips Why are some of the video clips not fancy and complicated? Sometimes video producers get carried away using special FX and other ways to make your video clip very "glitzy".  If this enhances the effectiveness of your clip, that's perfect.  Bottom line is a video clip that brings you potential customers.  Sometimes, down-to-earth video clips do the job better than needlessly fancy clips! Can you modify our video clips from time to time to show new products or services? Yes, it's a good idea to re-evaluate your video advertising often, and decide what modifications would be beneficial.  This can range from changing some photos and some titles to pretty much producing a new clip.  As one of our previous clients, you'll be extended very advantageous rates to modify your clip. A simple photo or title change will be very inexpensive! Should I have bilingual videos? You definitely need to have your message in the language(s) of your targeted clients.  Either you have different versions of the same clip (with different languages used in the titles and/or voice over) or we can insert bilingual titles (either alternating languages or combining them if short titles). Cost  Should I pay more to get a very fancy video clip? Will it bring me more business? The impact of a video clip is not always proportional to the production effort & budget.  Sometimes a very simple, inexpensive video clip can be very effective! Sometimes very costly video advertising is a big flop! Look at video clips around you (internet, TV,…) with a critical eye and guess their production costs. How do your prices compare with the competition? We really believe in offering the best value … that is, the most effective video for the least expensive price. We keep our overhead low and we don't like to take advantage either! If you ask your nephew or neighbor to make a clip for you, it might be cheaper … but remember, you generally get what you pay for! You can also hire the top advertising agencies around and pay over a hundred times what we charge you … but will the results bring you a hundred times more business? That is not obvious! Will I know in advance how much my clip production will cost? After getting your filled Quotation form, and communicating with you personally, we should be able to give you either a firm quote, or a quote for a lower and upper range. I have a very small advertising budget. How can I reduce the cost of my video clip? Do a maximum yourself. See our "You-Pic-it" option. Anyone can take reasonable photos or videos. Take many shots and then be critical to choose your best ones.  Your nephew or neighbor may not be able to make a good video clip, but they may be good cameramen. Taking the photos & videos is the easier part of the production. What few people can do well is to visualize and conceptualize a short video clip. And that's where we excel. If my clip is 2 min long will it cost 8 times the price of a 15-sec clip? Not at all. Remember production cost is related to the amount of work we have to do. A long but simple clip can be less expensive than a short one packed with many concepts! Images Is it better to use video than photos? It depends on what message you want to pass across. Video gives a better feeling of motion, or activity, but, sometimes, video takes longer than a photo to deliver a concept. Videos are great if details do not need to be seen. Photos can be better examined in detail as there is less information for the brain to process. Photos also can take less than 2 seconds to register mentally. A mix of photos & video often works well. If I do photos  myself, what "size" and format do I use? (# MegaPixels, size of file, JPEG, GIF..etc) Photos should preferably be about 1 Mb or better. Most digital cameras will give you the minimum megapixels. Usual formats like TIFF, GIF, JPEG, ... are all OK. Can I use my digital still camera or my phone to film video footage for my clip? Newest mobile phones are offering increased photo 7& video quality so you might get away with it! A dedicated camcorder will be better. Soundtrack What music should be used? Music that is free of any copyright or music for which you obtained the author's consent. Perhaps you can even produce music yourself! We can find free or inexpensive stock music for you. Should we use voice-over? You can, but keywords superimposed on film might be more effective unless you have a lot to explain. It is a good idea to add titling even if you use voice-over anyway as the impact will be increased. Can I use my cell phone to record sound for the soundtrack or voice-over? Yes, it probably would be ok. Just make sure you don't record distracting background noises. Sending materials How do I get the materials to you? What can be e-mailed?  What should be sent by post? Internet speed connections gets faster all the time so everything will probably be transferable via ‘WeTransfer’ ‘Google Drive’ or similar services. Ownership of clip Who owns the clip you will produce for me? There are 2 different things: Usage of clip and ownership (copyright). In all cases, you will have full usage of your clip. As far as ownership, if you furnish all the photo/video elements, you also get the full copyright . If we film, we retain author's ownership. Clip usage Once my clip is done, what is the best way to use it for my business? You can have the best clip, but if no one sees it, it is not going to do you any good!  So… It will be up to you to make sure lots of potential clients see it. There are many ways to do this. Internet is the easiest way to reach millions of people around the globe. If you have a website, you can integrate the video clip on it. You can either embed it or link to it and the video clip can be either uploaded directly on your website or on a You Tube channel, for example. Due to the big size of a video file, it is not very practical to email it, better to let interested people use their own internet connection to view it or download it You can also burn CD or DVD with the clip and send it to dealers, agents or serious prospective clients. Or use it as an instructional CD/DVD that you include with your merchandise, or give it as a gift to customers. We all love to watch videos, so, your clip will be seen by many for a long time! What format are the finished clips? PAL, NTSC, Multi-Zone? The finished format will be Multi-zone so they can be read anywhere. Where can they be played? Internet, commercial TV, any DVD player, ANY computer? We will finalize the clip in the format(s) of your choice. Usual formats are MPEG-2, VOB (DVD) and Quicktime or Flash (internet). Web related questions  I don't have a website yet but I am planning to build one. Can you recommend a hosting service? We also offer a very reliable hosting services at very competitive prices. Contact us for a quote! I don't need a fancy website. I want a simple website that allows me to post some updates from time to time and that I can easily update myself. Can you recommend something? We also provide website building services for our clients! I do not need a website, I just need a place to post my video clip on the Internet. Any suggestion? Open a YouTube account and upload your video(s) on it. Or we can host it at no charge on any of our several YouTube channels - a special bonus for our clients
Video Production Examples Videos about Leisure Activities Offroad Tours - Buggy Fun Rentals This clip is a perfect example to illustrate how much more effective it is to present a video of an activity rather than just photos and text.  The mind gets sensations from moving visual media.  The body reacts to movies and videos, as if it was actually experiencing what's shown. These sensations create feelings, which are very important in decision-making.  If the clip is full of fun and action, those who feel it, will be more likely to book the tour. ULM Fun Flights - Aerochute Port Vila Vanuatu This video clip was created from existing video footage, made for their operations in Australia, and additional footage taken in Port Vila, Vanuatu.  The creative editing gives it the feeling of action and fun. This clip was made to play on their website as well as in hotels. Activities - Millenium Cave Tours A tour like this adventure tour just cannot be adequately described by words, or with a few photographs.  It really has to be experienced!  When tourists see this video, they know right away whether or not this is the tour for them. They see the grandeur and intensity of the natural beauty in the canyon, and the amount of physical activity they will do on this tour.  The tour owners want clients that will have a great time, but not those who will have a miserable one if they are out of shape or not agile, or a safety risk to others.  Videos about Resorts Vanuatu - Oyster Island Resort Who would guess that the resort was under major renovation when this clip was filmed? Careful choice of subjects made the resort look as though completed. It is important to start advertising as soon as possible to start generating immediate income. We made a 4-min and a 1-min clip for Oyster Island; one to send to Travel Agents showing the resort and the destination highlights, and one to use as a short ad on public advertising media.  By doing the 2 clips at the same time, editing the same raw footage, the cost for each was greatly reduced than if each was done alone at a separate time. Vanuatu - Poppy's on the Lagoon This clip illustrates how much more effective it is to present a video of a resort rather than just photos and text.  The mind gets sensations from moving visual media.  These sensations create feelings, which are very important in decision- making, especially about where you want to stay on your vacation holiday! Videos about Travel / Tourism Vanuatu Tourism Presentation This is the Lead Video clip of the "Vanuatu 4You" Website and YouTube Channel.  It's a compilation of 6 one-minute clips, which were made to promote tourism in the 6 Provinces of the country of Vanuatu.  Its goal is to make potential visitors aware of the incredible diversity of cultures and customs and the natural wonders in the 80-plus different islands.  It was a huge challenge to compact 3 years of filming and hundreds of hours of footage into a 7 min clip epitomizing Vanuatu. Specialty Videos Windgenerator Power Project - Unelco This film shows the installation of the first wind generator in the country used for public power. It was done to promote Unelco, inform the public, and to obtain additional funds to build another 10 windgenerators. (footnote: Unelco did get the funding.) See the Testimonial from Unelco. FAQ
The founder of Worldwide Video Productions, Luc Callebaut, can be characterized by the following phrases:  CAN-DO GUY… Man of Action… dives into new challenges… likes taking ideas and creating & building… likes planning, analyzing, getting things done… checking tasks off the list…  likes efficiency…. always searching for the quickest, easiest most effective way to get the most done for the least cost.  Adaptability… Lands with feet on the ground…running! "It's a Point of Honor to deliver what I promise."  I like RESULTS. I like reducing everything to ESSENTIALS… no fooling around or wasting time. I like EVERYONE A WINNER. "My partner, Jackie Lee, talented writer and photographer, brings her skills and her feminine eye to every project, greatly enhancing the video clip." 25 YEARS OF VIDEO EXPERIENCE: "I started out in underwater video as a Scuba Instructor for Club Med resorts. My first U/W Video weighed 30 kg (75lbs) and had to be lowered to me on a crane! I got the first Sony Video 8 Handycam Underwater housing as soon as it came out.  My first film editing consisted of 2 VHS player/recorders - selecting scenes off one and recording them onto the other… then I moved up to an Editing Table.  Now, with today's great Professional editing software, I can do sophisticated video clips in no time." LATEST ACHIEVEMENT: "Top The Bill", the top video ad company and promotional tool for tourism for the small island nation of Vanuatu, in the western South Pacific.  Created by Luc, from a spark of an idea, TTB now has large video screens airing its films in the International Airport, the Post Office, the major banks, and hotels, as well as other strategic locations.  At least 95% of all the video clips were filmed or edited by Luc.  Clients include the Nation's Electrical utilities company, Phone company, Bank, and Post Office, as well as branch offices of international corporations such as ANZ Bank and Origin Gas. The latest project is producing films for a nationwide campaign sponsored by the National Tourism Development Office of Vanuatu. We look forward to each new project presented to us. We invite you to take advantage of our worldwide video expertise! About us Contact Whatsapp/WeChat: +60 0199 802 457 Email: Web Page:worldwidevideoproductions ©  2010-2020 Show your products/services & generate more sales!